Friday, January 23, 2015

School Saga Update

"Mom, I did reading, and writing and spelling and math yesterday".

It's true.

Her teacher texted me that Missy was working hard on her school yesterday.

When she told me this morning that she had done all those subjects yesterday I just had to ask what she had done on the other days. She shrugged. I asked again. She said, "Nothing".

And I totally believe her.

BUT hopefully, this is a new trend.... at least for a few weeks.

She has been to breakfast twice. She's a crabby girl, but she's doing what she needs to do and at this point we'll just take that. I asked her to change her shirt and it took a full 15 minutes of arguing and fussing and both mom and dad and Brianna's intervention to get her to ACTUALLY change her shirt. That's the way she is.

James, was at breakfast, too. He even told me that he was out of chicken feed before the next feeding instead of his usual, "oh, I can't feed the chickens today, there's no food." (Or not telling me at all).

Speaking of chickens, he has 14 new hens. Last week the quail lady gave him 6 white leghorns that are amazing layers. They are nearly a year old and they all lay every day. Then yesterday she gave him 8 fancy hens that are 7 months old or so. Two are olive-eggers, there's a Polish, a Blue Easter-egger, a silver-laced Wyandotte, a couple of large white, and a few fancy, expensive breeds - like a Crested Creme Legbar, which I had never heard of before. I was going to order chicks this spring as he has had a few casualties with his original hens via neighbor dogs, etc... and his hens are getting older and not laying as consistently. Business was doing poorly this winter, but he's back on a roll. I might not get chicks.

 I've been texting with James' teacher and all is not good on the homework scene. Apparently when he tells me he doesn't have homework he probably just left it at school. The teacher has been keeping him out of certain activities and doing homework with him every day... Funny I had to ask to know, but I think she might think it's a battle we can't manage right now as we have had some pretty hard mornings getting him to school at all and she has been aware of that.

There's a Youth for Jesus vespers and supper tonight at the church. Leasa and Viviane will be here. We should have about 20 youths attend...

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Rebekah said...

I just stopped in to say - Thank you. Thank you for saying, yes, and serving Jesus so, beautifully!